Promotions: Senior Vice Presidents (2015)

Posted on May 22, 2015

On April 7th, Henry Chlupsa, President, D&B Engineers and Architects, announced management promotions of six Vice Presidents to the Senior Vice President position. The six new Senior Vice Presidents include:


Bill Merklin, P.E.


Brian Veith, P.E.


John Schreck, P.E.

Rob DeGiorgio

Rob DeGiorgio, P.E.

Rob Raab

Rob Raab, P.E.

Steve Dudar

Steve Dudar, P.E.

The new Senior Vice Presidents join Dennis Koehler, P.E., Joseph Martuano and Richard Walka as Senior Vice Presidents and comprise the management team that will lead D&B’s continued success into the future. Congratulations to all.