Alachua County, Mixed Refuse Processing and Organics Recovery

Posted on July 29, 2010

Client: County of Alachua
Location: Alachua County, FL
Project Type: Design and Procurement of Mixed Refuse Processing and Organics Recovery

Project Description

Alachua-County-Florida-Mixed-Refuse-ProcessingD&B Engineers and Architects, P.C. (“D&B”) is a member of a consulting team that is developing a plan and designs for processing 600 tons per day of municipal solid waste (“MSW”) to extract recyclables and an organic fraction for further processing via either anaerobic digestion or composting. D&B has prepared a conceptual design report and cost analysis model that analyzes three (3) alternatives for the MSW processing and projects the quantity and composition of the processible organic fraction. The conceptual design includes innovative solutions to meet the County’s objectives to increase its total landfill diversion rate to 75% while not increasing the net cost of operating the county-wide solid waste management system. D&B has also contributed to an analysis of the anaerobic digestion facility recently completed by Harvest Power for the Reddy Creek Improvement District (Disney World). That facility employs a wet AD system to process multiple feedstocks, including biosolids, food waste, and fats/oils/grease (“FOG”).

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