New York City Department of Environmental Protection, Avenue “V” Pumping Station and Force Mains

Posted on July 17, 2014

Client: New York City Department of Environmental Protection
Project Period: 2006- 2013
Project Cost: $150,000,000

Major Components

  • CM services in operating facilities
  • CM on complete structural, mechanical and electrical improvements
  • Knowledge of DEP facilities
  • Hazardous materials remediation
  • Public participation and outreach
  • Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans
  • Force Main Construction
  • Permitting

Project Description

Avenue-VD&B is providing complete construction management services including: review, management and monitoring of construction schedules, maintenance of project documentation; resident engineering inspection services; supervision and inspection of work (including the removal of hazardous materials); preparation of field change orders; processing contractor payments; preparation of delay analyses and claim reports; preparation of a fixed assets survey; preparation of final copies of shop and working drawings; preparation of as-build drawings; microfilming of records; project operation services; preparation of an implementation schedule; plan of operation; and correction action plan.

The project consists of an upgrade to the Avenue “V” Pumping Station and two new force mains. Current pumping capacity is 30 mgd. The project is designed to upgrade the station with increased capacity to 80 mgd and allow unmanned operation, improve the appearance of the pumping station, and also to solve sewer capacity problems and eliminate CSO overflows into Coney Island Creek. The existing superstructure was constructed in 1917, with additions made in 1960 and 1973.

The Avenue V pumping station is designed to pump at a capacity of 80 mgd when an excess of 80 mgd reaches the Avenue V station, overflows will be discharged via an existing regulator to Coney Island Creek. During Construction, a temporary bypass pumping system was installed which had a capacity of 40 mgd.

The facility’s exterior appearance will be improved by demolishing and rebuilding a large portion of the structure, including additions that were added to the structure after 1917. The original Beaux Arts architectural style will be restored as part of this project.

Presently, the pumping station capacity is inadequate to pump the entire wet flow to the Owl’s Head WPCP, and therefore, overflows occur into Coney Island Creek, causing hypoxia and environmental degradation.

In addition, sewer backups occur due to the high wet well elevation. Solutions to these problems will include lowering the wet well, additional pumping equipment and new force mains to diver pumped flow from the Coney Island Creek to the more open waters of outer New York Harbor through two separate CSO systems. After the upgrading, during dry weather, all sewage will be pumped to the Owl’s Head WPCP. The new station capacity will be 80 mgd. In addition, improvements will be made to the existing interceptor system, including lining a portion of the existing box sewer SE-133 and performing modifications to regulator OH 1. Landscape protection and restoration will be performed along the Belt Parkway portion of the route. The pumping station and force main contracts include: PS-17G, Structures and Equipment; PS-79H, HVAC; PS-79P, Plumbing; PS-79E, Electrical; and PS-79F, Force Main.

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