Nassau County Department of Public Works, Improvements to the Influent Screening Facility Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant

Posted on July 17, 2014

Client: Nassau County Department of Public Works
Location: Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant
Project Period: 2010- 2016
D&B Project Manager: Joseph H. Marturano
Project Cost: $15,000,000

Major Components

  • Design
  • Construction Management
  • Influent Screening Facility
  • CPM Scheduling
  • Odor Control
  • Start-Up Services
  • Instrumentation
  • Operation & Maintenance Manual

Project Description


bayparkstpThe Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) is a secondary treatment facility, which utilizes the activated sludge process. It serves the southwestern portion of Nassau County and is located in East Rockaway, New York. A residential area surrounds the plant on three sides, with the closest home abutting the plant property line.

The plant primarily receives domestic sewage with a small portion (1.0%) attributed to industrial sources. The permitted plant capacity is 70 mgd (maximum monthly flow. Secondary sludge is thickened by gravity belt thickeners, blended with primary sludge and anaerobically digested for stabilization. The sludge is transferred to plant storage tanks where it is fed to the sludge dewatering building, where the sludge is conditioned with polymer and dewatered using belt-filter presses. The final plant effluent is discharged into Reynolds Channel in the Hempstead Bay system.

This project is for the design and construction of a new influent screening facility at the Bay Park STP.

D&B Project Responsibilities

D&B project responsibilities for Nassau County Department of Public Works include:BayparkInfluent Screening Building

  • Design new screening facilities, screening conveyance system, odor control systems, electrical distribution system, instrumentation and control, and heating and ventilation system improvements
  • Preparation of Plans and Specifications
  • Construction Management Services including resident engineering, shop drawings, preparation of change orders, and review as-built drawings
  • Facility startup, staffing and training services
  • Preparation of an O&M Manual 


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