Camden County Investigation of Biofilter Odor Abatement Facilities

Posted on April 4, 2014

Location: Camden, NJ
Project Period: January 2009- June 2011
Project Cost: $10,000,000

Major Components

  • On-call Engineering Services
  • Odor Planning and Design
  • Biofilter Odor Control

Project Description


The Camden County Municpal Utilities Authority authorized D&B to investigate odor sources at the 80 MGD Design Flow, Delaware No. 1 Water Pollution Control Facility(WPCF). It was determined that the existing chemical scrubbing facilities could release odor compounds other than H2S.

Biofilter facilities were investigated in order to better treat 120,000 CFM of odorous air from various sludge handling facilities as well as reducing maintenance and reliance on chemicals. D&B completed contract documents to allow for public bidding of the biofilter facility as well as to obtain ARRA funding.

D&B Project Responsibilities

  1. Investigation of Biofilter Technologies.
  2. Design Positive Displacement Air Blower System.
  3. Conceptual Design of Biofilter Facilities.
  4. Cost Estimate for Biofilter Alternatives.
  5. Site Visit to an existing Operating Biofilter Facility.
  6. Complete Contract Plans and Specifications for Biofilter Facilities.
  7. Review of Contractor Bids.
  8. Future Design Services During Construction Including Project Start Up.
  9. Resident Construction Observation Services.

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