Camden Sewer Reconstruction Project Design Phase 3

Posted on February 19, 2015

Client: City of Camden
Location: Camden City, NJ
Project Period: 2004- 2007
Project Cost: $4,000,000

Project Description

camden-sewer-recon-1D&B/Guarino Engineers (D&B/G), LLC designed the reconstruction of approximately 8,600 feet of sewers in various locations within the City of Camden. Most of the sewers being replaced were constructed of brick around 100 years ago. The sewer design included 1,360 feet of Cured-in-Place-Pipe (CIPP) lining for an interceptor sewer, 560 feet of reinforced lining for a 72 inch brick sewer, and 6,650feet of sewer replacement.

The construction included furnishing and installing approximately 6,650 linear feet of PVC and Reinforced Concrete (RCP) gravity combined and separate sanitary sewer ranging in size from 12-inch diameter to 54-inch diameter, including new manholes, inlets, PVC house connection pipes, PVC storm inlet connection pipes, 350 feet of 6-inch to 8-inch water main relocation, 1,360 foot CIPP lining of 12-inchVCP interceptor, maintenance of flow, sewer cleaning, restoration of pavement, replacement of existing water services and all other appurtenances, as required for a complete job. Also, the construction included 560 foot rehabilitation of 72-inch brick sewer using shotcrete methods.

The design services included site investigation and data collection, sewer system televising, ground penetrating radar and vacuum excava¬tion to locate utilities and coordinated underground facilities relocation with other utilities.

D&B/G prepared all permit applications including calculations, plans and supporting documents to the regulatory agencies. DB/G coordinated with New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and the State Infrastructure Trust for low interest funding.

D&B/G developed contract documents (plans and specifications) including milling and paving curb to curb and replacement of lead water services exposed in the excavations for bidding. D&B/G prepared Soil and Erosion Control plan and plans to maintain wastewater and storm water flows.

camden-sewer-recon-2During the bid phase, D&B/G’s services included assistance in advertising; attending pre-bid meetings; updating the engineer’s construction cost estimate; reviewing bid results and recommending contract award.

During the construction phase, D&B/G provided the following design services: review shop drawings; response to contractor clarification requests regarding design; inspection service as needed for design intent; and attend monthly progress meetings.

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