City of Garfield, Boulevard Pumping Station and Reservoir CCTV

Posted on March 13, 2014

Client: City of Garfield
Location: City of Garfield
Project Type: Boulevard Pumping Station and Reservoir CCTV
Project Period: 2004-2005
D&B Project Manager: Michael Neuberger, P.E.
Project Cost: $75,000

Project Description

D&B provided engineering services for the design of a new CCTV video surveillance system for the City of Garfield’s Boulevard Booster Pump Station. The Booster Pump Station is part of the City’s water supply system and contains booster pumps, a chemical storage and injection system, electrical distribution equipment and a standby generator set. The video surveillance system consisted of CCTV monitoring to provide security for this facility.

CCTV cameras were located throughout the building and connected to a digital video recorder (DVR), located in the Office, a secure room. The cameras were dome-shape type with zoom, and able to function in low light levels. In addition, the cameras were shock-proof and tamper-proof to withstand vandalism. The DVR had the ability to record video whenever activity occurred in a camera’s field of view. In addition, the DVR had storage capability for record-keeping of the videos and had the ability to allow for instant searches of video history by date and time as needed.

The video surveillance system was part of the building security system that included card access control, electrically operated locks, motion sensors and door position sensors. An unauthorized entry condition was transmitted via both the SCADA system and the telephone system for remote alarming.

D&B prepared contract drawings and contract specifications for this project.

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