Exterior Masonry/Paved Areas/Flood Elimination

Posted on June 17, 2007

Client: New York City School Construction Authority
Location: Elias Bernstein Intermediate School IS007, 1270 Huguenot Ave., Staten Island, NY
Project Type: Exterior Masonry/Paved Areas/Flood Elimination
Project Period: 2005 - 2007
Project Cost: $6,700,000

Major Components

  • Phase I – Field Investigation & Scope Report
  • Phase II – Design Development & Construction Documents
    (Drawings & Specifications), Asbestos/Lead Abatement, and Estimating
  • Phase III – Construction Administration Services & Project Closeout

Project Description

This school building was constructed in 1964. The school had been experiencing serious water infiltration problems, apparently due to failure fo the masonry facade and roof, as well as site drainage issues. Scheduled work included re-pointing, replacement of face brick, parapet reconstruction, repairs to terracotta panels, sidewalk paving, and site grading. At the start of the project, a detailed Scope Report is created to detail the existing conditions and proposed solutions. The building envelope is  investigated by the use of masonry probes and water infiltration testing. A site survey was completed to address sidewalk and pavement issues. The Scope Report is used to generate Construction Documents, including specifications.





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