Great Neck Wastewater Treatment Plant, Upgrading and Expansion

Posted on December 6, 2013

Client: Great Neck Wastewater Treatment Plant
Location: Great Neck, New York
Project Period: 1985 - 1990
D&B Project Manager: Dennis F. Koehler, P.E.
Project Cost: $16,000,000

Project Description

Project OverviewGNWWTP

This work included the planning, design, construction management, preparation of record
drawings and operation and maintenance manuals, start-up and training for an upgrading and expansion to a 3.8 mgd advanced wastewater treatment plant.

D&B Project Responsibilities

As part of the overall upgrading and expansion and in accordance with a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Consent Order, the upgrading and expansion including the construction of a tertiary sand filter was required to be complete and operating within a short period of time. The firm was responsible for preparing a study of the problems with conclusions and recommendations; permitting; design; construction related services; closeout; start-up and training operating personnel.

In addition to expanding the plant’s capacity from 2.8 mgd to 3.8 mgd, many upgrading improvements were made. This work is highlighted as follows:

  • New Headworks containing a bar screen; grit chamber and degritting equipment; and ventilation.
  • Replacement of primary settling tank sludge collection and grease removal equipment and a new primary settling tank.
  • Concrete repair of existing rectangular primary and final clarifier tanks to include all walkways.
  • One new 50 foot diameter by 9 foot deep trickling filter with plastic media. Replacement of existing trickling filter distribution arms. Stone media was replaced with plastic cross flow media.
  • Two new automatic backwash tertiary sand filters for effluent polishing.
  • Installation of automatic sewage samplers.
  • Replacement of flow meters and instrumentation.
  • Replacement of the sludge dewatering system using a 1.5 meter belt filter press.
  • Complete electrical upgrading.
  • Modification to sludge digestion tanks systems including pumps, piping, mixing equipment and gas piping and safety systems.
  • Site work including roads and landscaping.
  • Conversion of an existing digester to a gas storage tank with a floating cover.

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