Infinitus Energy, Municipal Solid Waste Materials Recovery Facility (MSW-MRF)

Posted on June 21, 2015

Client: Infinitus Energy
Project Type: Municipal Solid Waste Materials Recovery Facility (MSW-MRF)
Project Cost: $35,000,000

Project Description

Infinitus Energy image001Background

Infinitus Energy has developed a 600 ton per day (185,000 tons per year) materials recovery facility in Montgomery, Alabama that processes unsorted municipal solid waste to recover fiber and container recyclables, as well as an organic fraction for digestion. The MSW-MRF is designed to optimize the use of automation and process controls to maximize recyclable materials recovery. It is the first phase of the I-Energy Renewable Energy Park that will also include an anaerobic digestion (AD) facility for the organic fraction and a gasification facility for the non-digestible, organic residuals. The biogas from the AD facility will be converted to compressed natural gas (CNG) to fuel the city’s trash collection vehicles. The MSW-MRF was commissioned in the spring of 2014. It incorporates advanced automated sorting equipment and process design innovations growing out of experience at similar facilities in California.

The MSW-MRF provides a low risk approach for the City to dramatically increase landfill diversion rates for recyclables and organics, control collection costs and extend landfill life. Infinitus will provide the City with full-services for materials recovery combining the following key components:

  • Best-in-class technology
  • Guaranteed service
  • Privately secured financing
  • Complete project development from concept through operations

The AD/CNG production facility will result in diversion of organics, and provide energy efficiency and carbon footprint benefits by means of the conversion of the City’s collection vehicles to CNG fueling.

D&B Project Responsibilities

The services to Infinitus are related to the development of the MSW-MRF in Montgomery, Alabama. They have included a waste sampling and composition analysis, drafting of an operations and maintenance agreement, preparation of the MSW-MRF Performance Testing Protocol and Acceptance Criteria, and a review of anaerobic digestion technology.

Waste Sampling and Composition Analysis

In order to develop technical information relevant to the development and design of the MRF project, Infinitus engaged D&B Engineers and Architects, P.C. (D&B) to conduct a Waste Quantification and Characterization (Q&C) Study for materials managed by the City at the North Montgomery Landfill and to assist in developing the basis of design for the MRF. D&B conducted a week-long study at the City of Montgomery Landfill. Municipal solid waste sampling and composition analyses were conducted in accordance with ASTM specifications. D&B developed the study protocol, supervised sorting staff on-site, conducted data and statistical analyses and prepared the report to Infinitus. The results of the study were used in the design of the sorting system by BHS, the system supplier.

Draft Operations and Maintenance Agreement

D&B prepared a complete draft of an Operations and Maintenance Agreement between Infinitus and the operator of the MSW MRF, Zero Waste Energy (ZWE). This included all terms related to receiving, processing, maintenance, marketing, revenue sharing, fees and payments, permit compliance, capital modifications and appendices. The draft agreement was turned over to Infinitus’ attorney for negotiation of terms with ZWE.

Performance Testing Protocol and Acceptance Criteria

D&B prepared a complete Performance Testing document, including the protocol for the test and the criteria to be demonstrated in order to attain acceptance of the MSW-MRF. The protocol and criteria were utilized by BHS and ZWE in conducting the Performance Test and preparing the Performance Test Report.

Review of Anaerobic Digestion Technology

D&B prepared an overview of the types of AD technologies and their commercialization status for Infinitus management to use in discussions with investors.

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