Main Street Radiology – Radiology Suite Main Street Flushing, New York

Posted on June 16, 2005

Client: Main Street Radiological Partners
Location: Main Street Flushing, New York
Project Type: Radiology Suite
Project Period: 2005 Completion
D&B Project Manager: Michael Rodriguez, AIA, Leed-AP
Project Cost: $2,500,000

Major Components

  • New Radiology Suites
  • Gut Interior Renovation
  • Small SF Space Organized for Efficient Process

Project Description

The Project presented many challenges from the onset, the most difficult of which was the complexity of locating an MRI/CAT scan suite on the second floor of a building that was originally designed for offices and not conducive to the structural, electrical, shielding, and acoustic requirements of such a function.

This center provides a series of treatment and diagnostic modalities that include an R/F room, nuclear medicine procedure room with adjacent injection room, and an MRI/CT suite. The center also includes a separate Women’s Imaging Center that incorporates two ultrasound treatment areas, a mammography unit, bone density scanning, separate changig rooms, a patient toilet, and a gowned waiting area. This suite allows for procedures primarily performed on women to be conducted in a pleasant, secure, and private setting. (2005}

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C:MRDACAD01-003A502-2ND-RCP.dwg Layout1 (1) 204_HCD0609_ufig1



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