Nassau County On-call Environmental Operations and Design Assistance

Posted on March 3, 2015

Client: Nassau County Department of Public Works
Location: Environmental Facilities - County of Nassau, New York
Project Period: 2007- Present
D&B Project Manager: Steven A. Fangmann, P.E.
Project Cost: $1,000,000

Major Components

  • Operations Assistance
  • Design Assistance
  • Inspection
  • Pretreatment

Project Description

Project Overview

From 2007 to the present, D&B has provided Nassau County with on-call operations and design assistance for all Nassau County Environmental Facilities including the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant, Cedar Creek Water Pollution Control Plant and Glen Cove Sewage Treatment Plant. Nassau County DPW called on D&B to perform various operations reviews and to provide engineering assistance on an as-needed basis.

D&B Project Responsibilities

Ceadr-CreekAt the request of Nassau County, D&B performed various tasks which included the following:

  1. Revision of Sewer Use Ordinance and Pretreatment Assistance – D&B performed a literature search and review of the latest USEPA policies, negotiations and guidelines. D&B performed a review of Nassau County’s pretreatment program files including all communication with EPA as well as all draft sewer use ordinance documents. D&B prepared a new draft sewer use ordinance, evaluated existing local pretreatment limits against USEPA guidance and developed a draft environment response plan. D&B is continuing to assist Nassau County with finalizing the above documents and assisting with pretreatment program audits.
  2. Cedar Creek WPCP Electrical Duct Banks Repair/Replacement for Final Settling Tanks (FST’s) – D&B performed a field investigation and an evaluation report pertaining to failing electrical components supplying power to the FST’s at Cedar Creek. Based on the evaluation D&B designed the rehabilitation necessary for the work to be completed by a county requirements contractor. D&B provided inspection and final start up and walk through of the completed work.
  3. Rehabilitation and Expansion to Storm Water Basin 542 – D&B prepared a detailed hydrologic analysis of the watershed tributary to Nassau County Storm Water Basin No. 542 (SWB 542) using the Natural Resource Conservation Service Technical Release 20 to quantify peak runoff rates and volumes to SWB 542. Using the hydrologic analysis D&B calculated the existing discharge rates for the 2-, 5-, 10- and 100-year storm event from SWB 542 and modeled the proposed improvements to SWB 542 in order to quantify and evaluate the benefits of the proposed improvements. D&B performed a hydraulic analysis of the major storm sewers to identify locations where the existing storm sewer system lacked the capacity to convey the required flows from the surrounding roadways and into SWB 542. D&B prepared a Technical Design Report that summarized the findings and conclusions of the hydrologic and hydraulic analyses, provided recommendations to mitigate the existing flooding conditions and an evaluation and construction cost estimate for each proposed alternative. D&B prepared contract documents and technical specifications for the recommended improvements. In addition, D&B prepared a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) which was required under NYSDEC SPDES General Permit for storm water discharges from construction activity.
  4. Design of Interim Gravity Belt Thickeners for Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plan (STP) – D&B performed a comprehensive evaluation of the existing sludge thickening facility at the Bay Park STP. D&B developed the Technical Design Report for interim Gravity Belt Thickeners to improve the reliability and operability of the sludge handling facilities. During the design phase the STP experienced operational difficulties with the sludge thickening system (Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF)) causing the DAF to be abandoned. D&B prepared plans and specifications for construction of the permanent Gravity Belt Thickeners and associated sludge pumping and piping. D&B provided design services assistance during the construction of the new Gravity Belt Thickeners.
  5. Electrical Improvements at Bay Park Unit Substation No. 3 – D&B conducted a detailed investigation and analysis of the 480 volt feeders to Unit Substation No. 3. D&B performed a field investigation and testing of the existing cables and evaluated the integrity of existing below grade conduits. Based on the evaluation D&B designed the replacement feeders. D&B contracted for the replacement feeder and provided field inspection services during the installation of the new feeders.
  6. Electrical Improvements at Cedar Creek Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) – D&B conducted an in-depth analysis of the entire Cedar Creek WPCP electrical distribution system (LIPA substation, switchgear, transformers, motor control centers and associated equipment). D&B reviewed the latest information to determine the existing conditions, including the Facility Master Plan, as-built drawings, operational reports for a one-year period, and plant annual reports. D&B inspected all components of the electrical distribution system. D&B developed a database for all major components and critical systems. D&B established a methodology and criteria to rank all major component of the distribution system. Based on the ranking, D&B prepared a report with cost estimates for the replacement/rehabilitation of the highest ranked electrical components.
  7. Electrical Improvements at Glen Cove Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) – D&B performed a field investigation and reviewed available drawings of the existing main electrical service to Glen Cove WWTP. The investigation focused on the routing of LIPA’s 4160 volt service, switch gears, and the routing , age and capacity of the 480 volt feeders. D&B prepared a Technical Design Report that evaluated alternatives for relocation/replacement of the electrical service and developed cost estimates. D&B recommended a new primary service with a new LIPA padmount transformer and new 480 volt feeders to the WWTP. D&B prepared plans and specifications for the new electrical service.
  8. Operations Assistance at the Bay Park Sewage Treatment – D&B provided the services of a New York State Wastewater Treatment Plant Grade 4A Operator to assist Nassau County in the management of the operations at the Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant for a period of one year.
  9. Firemen’s Training Center Groundwater Treatment System – D&B conducted an evaluation of the Groundwater Treatment System (GWTS) at the Firemen’s Training Center (FTC) located in Old Bethpage, New York. The GWTS, operational since 1999, treated the groundwater to remove solvents and other contaminants from the past fire fighting training exercises. D&B analyzed the results of more than 1,000 groundwater samples from 38 on-site and off-site monitoring wells. D&B reviewed the FTC remediation monitoring plan and the groundwater system termination criteria. D&B analyses determined that the project specific criteria had been achieved. D&B recommended that all on-site treatment and monitoring be terminated, and that off-site treatment be terminated with the initiation of post treatment monitoring.

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