National Grid, Design and Construction Oversight of the National Grid Groundwater Treatment Building

Posted on March 28, 2012

Client: National Grid
Location: Bay Shore Former Manufactured Gas Plant Site, Bay Shore, New York
Project Type: Design and Construction Oversight of the National Grid Groundwater Treatment Building
Project Period: March 2007 - September 2010
Project Cost: $2,800,000

Project Description

DB_NatGrid-Bayshore_LEN0698The Environmental Remediation and Multimedia Compliance Division of D&B was retained by National Grid to design the groundwater treatment building for their Bay Shore former Manufactured Gas Plant (MGP) site, located in Bay Shore, New York. D&B has a long history of working for KeySpan Energy on their former MGP site characterization and remediation program. KeySpan Energy subsequently merged with National Grid in 2006. Starting in 1999, KeySpan Energy retained D&B to undertake the environmental characterization of their five largest former MGP sites located in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, including the Bay Shore site. While the groundwater treatment system was designed by an out of state engineer, National Grid selected D&B to design the building to house the equipment given our local knowledge and our familiarity with the Bay Shore site.

D&B’s project responsibilities included design of the following systems:

National Grid buildingPower Distribution
A new 13kv electrical service routed to a PSEG padmount transformer was provided to serve the Plant. From the transformer, a 480/277 volt, 400 amp underground service was installed to main distribution panelboard located inside the building. An automatic transfer switch for the emergency generator transfers power to building HVAC, lighting and life safety loads upon PSEG power failure.

National-Grid- power generatorEmergency Power

A 42 kw natural gas generator is located outdoors and housed in a weatherproof skin-tight enclosure. The generator provides power to the building HVAC, lighting and life safety loads via the automatic transfer switch inside the building.

The interior building lighting included fluorescent and metal halide fixtures, as well as emergency and exit lighting. A parking lot and site lighting system, consisting of pole mounted metal halide fixtures, was also included.

Building Fire Alarm System
A fire alarm system was designed for the facility. The system includes HVAC shutdown interlocks and central station monitoring.

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