New York City Department of Environmental Protection, On-Call Construction Inspection/Management Services

Posted on February 19, 2013

Client: New York City Department of Environmental Protection
Project Type: On-Call Construction Inspection/Management Services
Project Period: 2012 - 2013
Project Cost: $200,000,000 (Various Projects)

Project Description

Wards IslandD&B provided field inspection services and complete Construction Management Services for the Bureau of Wastewater Treatment. The inspection services were conducted for various job order contract projects in Wards Island, Hunts Point, Bowery Bay and Tallman Island WPCP’s. Also, full CM services were being provided for the 245th St. pumping station and for contract PS-223 Richmond Hill Road Pumping Station. Following are some of the projects:

Bowery Bay

  • Replacement of gas flare tower.
  • Replacement of High Level Influent gates 2 & 6.
  • Scrubber #3 replacement.
  • Tide gate replacement in BB drainage area.
  • Installation of trench drain for screening and grit container area.

100_3243Tallman Island

  • Primary settling Tank mechanical and electrical equipment replacement.
  • Replacement of primary screen #4.
  • Installation of tool room ventilation system.

Hunts Point

  • Repair dock structure.
  • Repairs to Gas Holder.
  • Door Rehabilitation.
  • Installation of ladder to access top of gas holder.
  • Repair walking bridge at dock.
  • Repair of digester overflow box.

Wards Island

  • Primary settling tank scum skimmer replacement.
  • Grease collection system in chlorine contact tank.
  • Cleaning of duck work in old Admin. Building.
  • Installation of drip trays in Dewatering Building.
  • Secondary by pass channel sluice gate actuators.
  • Installation of stop planks to repair MSP discharge gates.100_3165
  • Installation of V-notch weir gates in Battery C sluice gates.
  • Installation of Submersible pumps in pump and bowel building.
  • Roadway reconstruction by A-gate.
  • Transformer enclosure.
  • Reconstruction of polymer pumps control panels.
  • Replacement of No. 1 Generator.
  • Replacement of 8 tide gates in WI drainage area.
  • Replacement of Steam Line for digester heating.
  • Repair of concrete in thickener area and north and south gallery.

Collection Facilities

  • Reconstruction of mechanical and electrical equipment in 245th Street Pump Station.
  • Reconstruction of Richmond Hill Road Pump Station.


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