New York City School Construction Authority, Compendium of Architectural Services for Miscellaneous SCA Projects

Posted on June 18, 2015

Client: New York City School Construction Authority (SCA)
Project Type: Compendium of Architectural Services for Miscellaneous SCA Projects

Major Components

  • Phase I – Field Investigation & Scope Report
  • Phase II – Design Development & Construction Documents (Drawings & Specifications), Asbestos/Lead Abatement, and Estimating
  • Phase III – Construction Administration Services & Project Closeout

Project Description

D&B Engineers and Architects, P.C. (D&B) has over 5 years of experience working with the New York City School Construction  Authority (SCA) on projects throughout schools located in Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island. These projects vary in size from 50,000 SF up to 250,000 square feet, with project costs ranging from $850,000 to over $5,000,000.

SCA PS108Q photo 1D&B has in depth experience in providing a number of services to the SCA such as; elimination of water infiltration, roof  replacements, parapet work, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) accessibility upgrades, exterior masonry upgrades, window  replacements, floor replacements and interior renovations.

Prior to undertaking an assignment, Scope Reports and/or Site Surveys are completed by D&B to detail the existing conditions  and propose viable solutions. Scope Reports are used togenerate Construction Documents, including specifications. 

As part of the Scope Phase, D&B performs non-destructive water infiltration testing which includes analysis using infrared  imaging and destructive testing (if required), which consists of probes through the masonry at sample locations and at window heads. These probes show the flashing conditions and masonry elements.

In certain projects to address and eliminate water infiltration, there is a three step process which includes; roof renovations, exterior masonry work and flood elimination. Roof replacement consists of removal and replacement of existing flat roofing, removal of existing roof fence, installation of new insulation and flashing as required, reconstruction of brick parapet walls, bulkheads, chimney and removal and replacement of roof drains. Exterior Masonry work includes re-pointing and/or  replacement of face brick on the building facade, repairing and/ or replacing trim elements, restoring concrete awnings, cleaning and restoring granite facade at main entrance, and replacing masonry. D&B is very careful to make sure that all of the new building elements match the existing historic character of the school. Flood elimination consists of re-grading and re-paving of asphalt play yards and the reconstruction of retaining walls and exterior concrete stairs.

Parapet work and window replacement are also among our highlighted abilities. Parapet work has consisted of the removal, replacement and restoration of brick parapet walls which includes decorative terracotta trim (all decorative elements were replaced in kind), replacement of face brick and/or re-pointing of Bulkheads and rooftop Mechanical Room. Window replacement methods include the removal & replacement of all windows, including interior trim (the new windows put it retained the traditional look of the building), abatement of all asbestos and lead paint in the adjacent plaster walls and/or interior finish tile/masonry and the removal/abatement of caulking on the exterior perimeter of the window and at the cast stone (concrete) windowsills, and all plaster/tile/finish adjacent to the work was repaired and painted as well.SCA PS108Q photo 3

SCA PS108K photo 1

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