Port Washington Water District, 1.0 Million Gallon Ground Level Storage Tank Roof Rehabilitation

Posted on July 28, 2015

Client: Port Washington Water District
Location: Port Washington, NY
Project Type: 1.0 Million Gallon Ground Level Storage Tank Roof Rehabilitation
Project Period: 2005-2006
D&B Project Manager: William D. Merklin, P.E.
Project Cost: $190,000

Project Description

Sandy-Hollow-TankD&B provided engineering services for the rehabilitation of the 1.0 Million Gallon ground level concrete water storage tank at the Port Washington Water District’s Sandy Hollow Lane Pumping Station. The existing roof on the 90 foot diameter tank was not adequately sloped resulting in puddles on the surface. These puddles caused concrete spalling and minor cracking of the concrete slab roof.

D&B performed an inspection of the tank and found that the existing concrete slab roof was still in structurally sound condition. It was therefore recommended that the concrete damage on the roof be repaired and the roof covered with sloped rigid insulation and an EPDM membrane roofing system. The new sloped roof protects the existing concrete from further damage and ensures that water does not stand on the roof.

A new piping system was installed to direct the water from the roof to an existing site drainage system. Other miscellaneous repairs included modifications to access the hatch, vent and valve chamber.

D&B prepared plans and specifications for public bidding and provided engineering services during construction including inspection as well as office engineering services.

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