Roofs, Exterior Masonry, Flood Elimination

Posted on June 17, 2011

Client: New York City School Construction Authority
Location: Marine Park Intermediate School I.S. 278, 1925 Stuart Street, Brooklyn, NY
Project Type: Roofs, Exterior Masonry, Flood Elimination
Project Period: 2009 - 2011
Project Cost: $5,500,000

Major Components

  • Phase I – Field Investigation & Scope Report
  • Phase II – Design Development & Construction Documents (Drawings & Specifications), Asbestos/Lead Abatement, and Estimating
  • Phase III – Construction Administration Services & Project Closeout

Project Description

This project had 3 separate elements to address and eliminate water infiltration issues at the school:

1. Roofs: Remove and replace existing flat roofing. Remove existing roof fence, which is not an original element, reconstruct  brick parapet walls, Bulkheads, and chimney, including all copings and flashing.

2. Exterior Masonry: Re-point and/or replace face brick on the building facade, repair and/or replace trim elements, restore concrete awnings, clean and restore granite facade at main entrance, replace masonry Vestibules, replace exterior doors and some windows. All new building elements must match the existing historic character of the school. Repair interior
spaces that have been damaged by water infiltration.

3. Flood Elimination: Re-grade and re-pave asphalt play yards, reconstruct retaining walls and exterior concrete stairs. 

IS278K is now determined to be SHPO-eligible as a result of reports submitted by D&B to document the historic character of this “International Style” building.

SCA IS278 photo 3
Marine Park Intermediate School building


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