Nassau County Department of Public Works, Superstorm Sandy, 38 Pump Station Emergency Rehabilitation

Posted on July 17, 2014

Client: Nassau County Department of Public Works
Location: Nassau County, New York
Project Period: October 2012- 2014
Project Cost: $400,000

Project Description

D&B Project Responsibilities

IMG_0472Hurricane Sandy also took its toll on Nassau County’s wastewater conveyance and treatment infrastructure. Hard-hit were the 70 million gallon per day Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant as well as its network of wastewater pump stations. Many of the pump stations were flooded and without utility power, rendering them completely out-of-service. Given this situation, D&B was requested to act as “first responders” assessing the condition of each of the County’s 38 pump stations; preparing damage assessment reports along with photo documentation for each with the ultimate goal of restoring the stations and treatment plant to full operation. Through it all, D&B engineers worked “hand-in-hand” with County personnel as part of County Executive Mangano’s Emergency Task Force Team performing the necessary work in a “phased approach” consisting of infrastructure “triage”, “stabilization” and finally, “permanent restoration and mitigation.”

Sandy’s wrath inflicted significant damage to superstructures, substructures, main electrical service panels, emergency generators, main sewage pumps, pump control systems, variable frequency drives, sump pumps, motor control centers (MCC) compressors, HVAC systems, odor control systems, lighting systems and grinder systems, among numerous other critical components. D&B’s knowledge of the County’s wastewater pump stations and treatment plant process systems and equipment facilitated immediate and innovative solutions for emergency rehabilitation of essential systems, returning the pump stations and treatment plant systems to operation after the hurricane. D&B developed and issued over 70 work orders and was responsible for construction management of the emergency work.

The damage inspection/assessment program began on Wednesday, October 31, 2012, and continues today in support of the County seeking reimbursement from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). As part of that support to the County, D&B continues to meet with the FEMA Critical Infrastructure Team and the State, conducting inspections of the affected locations and providing FEMA representatives with the information required to support the reimbursement process.

As part of the emergency rehabilitation, when possible, D&B incorporated mitigation improvements into the work including such items as elimination of a floor-mounted MCC and installation of separate wall-mounted pump starter cabinets, main service cabinet and telemetry panel well above the Hurricane Sandy flood elevation. D&B is also assisting Nassau County to develop mitigation alternatives to assist the County in moving forward with the permanent restoration work. To prevent flood damage from future storms, mitigation may include one or a combination of the following measures: elevate first-floor superstructure to the new 100-year flood elevation; utilize flood gate systems; utilize watertight access doors; raise critical station components above the new 100-year flood elevation; utilize “immersible” type grinder motors; and relocate electrical control panels, relay panels and related components above grade.

The firm is extremely proud of the hard work and dedication of the individuals at D&B who contributed, and in some cases, continue to support Nassau County’s recovery effort in the aftermath of Sandy. We are very proud to be part of the process providing assistance to Nassau County residents as a result of this devastating event.

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