Town of Hempstead Department of Engineering Grand Canal Bulkhead Rehabilitation

Posted on March 19, 2012

Client: Town of Hempstead Department of Engineering
Location: Bay Park, New York
Project Type: Grand Canal Bulkhead Rehabilitation
Project Period: 2012
Project Cost: $3,000,000

Project Description

D&B recently completed the engineering design services for 2,700 linear feet of bulkhead rehabilitation and streetscape  improvements along the Grand Canal in Bay Park for the Town of Hempstead. The existing timber bulkhead structure was rehabilitated once 30 years before in the mid-eighties and was in fair condition with moderate deterioration to the timber sheeting allowing for soil migration and settlement of the backfill. The bulkhead is utilized for boat dockage which is overseen by a homeowners association. The Town wished to perform the necessary upgrades to the bulkhead without disturbing the adjacent residential roadway and with minimal disturbance to the boat owners.

Hempstead-Grand-Canal-Bulkhead-RehabilitationAs part of the project, D&B evaluated the alternatives of cantilevered bulkhead both (FRP and steel) as well as conventionally  tied back systems both with and without the re-use of the existing deadmen. D&B evaluated the alternatives and determined that the excavation of several of the tie-rods and deadmen would be prudent in order to assess their condition. Test pits dug by others confirmed the excellent condition of the tie rods, connections and deadmen.

D&B provided a summary report of the existing condition results of the sub-surface investigations, utility conflict issues,  proposed improvements with alternatives and recommendations to the Town for review and comment. D&B included an engineer’s estimate of probable construction costs for the alternatives proposed by D&B. The rehabilitation method chosen was to replace the existing timber bulkhead with vinyl sheeting and timber pilings and wales utilizing the existing tie-rods and  deadmen. This construction method not only saved a significant amount of money but allowed the project to be constructed  without disturbing the existing residential roadway.

The project also included streetscape and beautification improvements to the land between the  rehabilitated bulkhead and the  adjacent roadway. A new concrete sidewalk, timber guiderail and brick paver cross-section was designed and graded for this area for the full length of the bulkhead. The Town also added their own site lighting design to the contract documents to complete the look of this space. The design was presented to and coordinated with the homeowners association.

As part of the project, D&B prepared and submitted applications and obtained permits required for the execution of the  construction of this project, including permits required by the New York State Office of General Services (OGS), Department of  Environmental Conservation (DEC), Department of State (DOS) and United States Army Corp of Engineers (USACE).

The project is scheduled to begin construction in the Fall of 2011 with the completion of Spring 2012.

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