Town of Hempstead Department of Water, New Wells 11 and 12 and Associated Facilities

Posted on June 10, 2015

Client: Town of Hempstead Department of Water
Location: Roosevelt Field Water District, New York
Project Type: New Wells 11 and 12 and Associated Facilities
Project Period: 2002 - 2004
D&B Project Manager: William D. Merklin, P.E.
Project Cost: $2,000,000

Project Description

PIC0005-copyD&B provided engineering services for the design and construction of two new 1,380 gpm wells in the Roosevelt Field Water District. The District acquired the property for construction of the wells in response to proposed development in the area.

Because the site is not adjacent to any public roadways, extensive design work was required for connection of utilities such as electrical power, water mains and drainage for blow-off. D&B prepared plans and specifications for three separate contracts including well construction, general construction and electrical construction. In addition, D&B prepared all the necessary reports and applications for approval of the Nassau County Department of Health and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Chemical storage and injection facilities were installed in one of the new well house buildings. A lime slurry tank, sodium hypochlorite tanks and associated metering pumps were provided for the two new wells as well as one existing well located off the site. A new water main was designed to bring water from a remote well (Well No. 7) to the treatment facility for chemical treatment.

PIC0010-copyA standby diesel generator and automatic transfer switch was installed in a walk-in enclosure.
Equipment for connection to the existing SCADA system was designed and installed. Modifications to the existing SCADA logic was also required to coordinate the new wells into the overall system.

D&B provided services during construction including office services and field inspection services. Startup assistance was provided upon completion of the construction work.

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