Town of Hempstead Department of Water, Nitrate Treatment with Ion Exchange for Wells 11 and 12

Posted on June 29, 2015

Client: Town of Hempstead Department of Water
Location: Roosevelt Field Water District, New York
Project Type: Nitrate Treatment with Ion Exchange for Wells 11 and 12
Project Period: 2012 - 2013
D&B Project Manager: William D. Merklin, P.E.
Project Cost: $2,632,000

Project Description

P9120062D&B provided engineering services for the design and construction of an ion exchange system for nitrate removal at Wells 11 and 12 in the Roosevelt Field Water District. The system has a capacity of 4.0 MGD and was designed with expansion ability to address possible future increases in nitrate concentration.

D&B selected the Layne Christensen Co. Inc. Advance Amberpack Ion Exchange System. The system was pilot tested and a full scale system was designed. The full scale system includes the ion exchange vessels, brine saturator, waste recycling and waste disposal systems along with the support equipment for each. The ion exchange media is regenerated on site using a brine solution. The system minimizes the waste production by partially recycling some of the waste water for subsequent regeneration cycles.

TOH-Nitrate-Pic-1TOH-Nitrate-Pic-2The wastewater from the regeneration process has high sodium chloride, nitrate and sulfate concentrations and therefore is discharged to the Nassau County Sewer system for disposal. D&B designed a force main and assisted with obtaining the necessary connection permit from Nassau County Department of Public Works.

A preliminary design report was prepared summarizing the results of the pilot test and developing the requirements for a full scale treatment system. The report and the detailed design were submitted to and approved by the Nassau County Department of Health (NCDH) for construction. Construction phase services included office services and field inspection services. Startup assistance was provided upon completion of the construction work. D&B assisted the Town in obtaining approvals from NCDH for operation.

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