Village of Greenport, Water Quality Improvements: Bio-Retention Basins and Related Improvements at Manor Place and 5th Street Park

Posted on February 23, 2015

Client: Village of Greenport
Location: Greenport, NY
Project Type: Water Quality Improvements: Bio-Retention Basins and Related Improvements at Manor Place and 5th Street Park
Project Period: Ongoing
Project Cost: $200,000

Project Description

fifth st rtenderingD&B Project Responsibilities

D&B Engineers and Architects, P.C. (D&B) prepared the successful Consolidated Funding Application (CFA) and associated Engineering Feasibility Study for the design of two Green Infrastructure Project(s) under a grant from the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation (EFC) and the Green Innovative Grant Program (GIGP). Both projects are located in the Village of Greenport on the North Fork of Suffolk County, Long Island and involve the construction of a bio-retention area to treat roadway and sheet flow runoff prior to the water reaching the receiving water bodies. The Fifth Street Park project also includes the installation of a ±1/4 acre of pervious surface to reduce flooding impacts and promote infiltration. Native plantings are proposed in both areas to promote water quality treatment and to help eliminate non-native plantings in the area.

An important project goal is to achieve run-off reduction through storm water infiltration. The vegetated swales and biorention areas are designed to capture and infiltrate storm water. Open channel flow metering is planned to determine the amount of run off reduction during varying storm intensities and durations. Innovative data recording through cellular web based devices
is planned to allow the Village to capture and retrieve data quickly and as needed during storm events. The meter will measure the amount of storm water that overflows from the system with goal to minimize that value by promoting infiltration. The  project also includes water quality analysis by collecting influent and effluent samples during rain events to ascertain treatment
levels of certain constituents within the green practices. This data will vital is assess and design future green practices.

Manor Pl 016In addition to design services, D&B is performing the following services to the Village as follows:

  • Preparation of Permit Applications and Administration;
  • Preparation of Grant Compliance, Administration, Documents including MBE / WBE, EEO Staffing Plans, Progress Reports, etc.;
  • Project Planning and Environmental Review (SEQRA/EFC);
  • Training of Village Staff in Monitoring Procedures and Requirements;
  • Site Inspection and Construction Observations;
  • Performance of necessary Surveying Services or Procurement of Subcontract; and
  • Procurement of necessary Soil Investigation Services

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