New York City Department of Environmental Protection, WP-169 Inner Harbor CSO Contracts CSO-1H-11K and CSO-1H-11M

Posted on July 17, 2014

Client: New York City Department of Environmental Protection
Location: New York City, NY
Project Period: 2001-2004
Project Cost: $75,000,000

Project Description

Project Background

NYCDEP-Inner-Harbor-CSOThe Inner Harbor CSO improvements projects consisted of replacing the hydraulically operated (potable water) regulators rated at 10 MGD or less, dry weather flow, with manual gates. In addition, a number of old antiquated mechanical and shear gates were replaced with new fixed position gates. The gates are operated by extended shaft operators at street level with position indicators.

The site of the work is located in the Boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn within the City of New York. There are forty (40) sites in the Borough of Manhattan involving the North River WPCP drainage area and the Newtown Creek Manhattan drainage area. This project involved 32 Regulator in Red Hook Brooklyn and the Newtown Creek Drainage area.

Scope of Work

D&B was selected as the construction manager for this project. The Principal items of work included the Reconstruction of regulator chamber; includes demolition and removals, civil site work, and mechanical work. The work included various other upgrades including replacing manhole covers with square covers etc.

Under this CM contract D&B was responsible for Resident Engineering and inspection services for:

  • Maintenance and protection of Traffic (MPT).
  • Cleaning of regulator chamber.
  • By-pass pumping of dry weather flow during demolition, removals and construction.
  • Demolition and removal of hydraulic, mechanical and manual regulator equipment.
  • Fill and seal float wells.
  • Enlarge sluice openings.
  • Installation of manual sluice gates
  • Installation of sluice gate non-rising stems extending to the surface.
  • Furnished and installed gate position indicators.
  • Replace existing stop plank guides upstream of tide gates. Construction of bulkheads to dewater the tide gate chamber during replacement of the existing stop plank guides upstream of the tide gates.
  • Replace round manhole covers with square covers. At some locations increasing the access openings from one cover to multiple covers.
  • Reestablish pavement and road surfaces. Assisted Engineer with field condition change orders.
  • Coordinated with Collection Facilities personnel.
  • Provided training on new equipment to DEP personnel.
  • Replaced old cast iron hand rungs with new with new cast iron rungs on both sides.

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