Yonkers Joint Wastewater Treatment Plant, Primary and Secondary Treatment Facilities Odor Abatement

Posted on June 30, 2015

Client: Westchester County Department of Environmental Facilities
Location: Westchester, New York
Project Period: 1993- 1999
Project Cost: $11,000,000

Major Components

  • Odor Control Building
  • Mist Scrubbers – 3 @ 12’ diameter x 30’ H
  • FRP Ductwork 10” – 72” diameter
  • FRP Exhaust Stack – 36” diameter
  • Flat Aluminum Cover System (63,000 sf)
  • Variables Speed Odor Control Exhaust Fan System
  • Air Dispersion Modeling
  • NYSDEC/WCDOH Stack Emission Permitting/Testing
  • Chemical Storage
  • Primary Settling Tank Influent Channel Aeration

Project Description

The project was designed as a Phase II approach to odor abatement at the facility and included covering of aerated grit chambers, primary settling tanks, primary settling tank effluent channels, aeration tank influent channels and aeration tanks, and the collection and treatment of odorous air. The project was completed on schedule and within budget.

D&B Project Responsibilities

primsec01_yonkersD&B was responsible for project planning, emissions permitting, public participation
meetings, facility renderings, design, bidding services, construction management services, O&M manuals, as well as start-up and training assistance.

Planning and design services included a Design Recommendations Report, evaluation of odor
concerns, literature searches, evaluation of odor treatment technologies, evaluation of process tank covering systems, air dispension modeling and NYSDEC/WCDOH permitting.

  • Covering of grit chambers, settling tanks and effluent channels, aeration tanks and influent channels
  • New odorous air facilities built over existing tunnel system
  • Aesthetically pleasing and constructed to satisfy local community
  • Project milestones implemented to comply with community commitments
  • Completed on-schedule, on-budget

Major Problems Anticipated and Resolved

primsec02_yonkersComplex design issues included limited site availability for the proposed odor control facilities requiring portions of the new facilities to be constructed over an existing tunnel system; FRP ductwork in sizes up to 72 inches in diameter and coordination with existing structures; mitigating odors and constructing facilities aesthetically pleasing and to the satisfaction of the local community; air dispersion modeling including a significant rise in terrain. Project milestones were also implemented to comply with community commitments.

Engineering Description

  • primsec04_yonkersDesign Recommendations Report for project scoping for odor abatement for the 90 mgd wastewater treatment plant including the aerated grit chambers, primary settling tank influent channels, primary settling tanks, primary settling tank effluent channels, aeration tank influent channels and aeration tanks. All work with the exception of the aeration tanks proceeded to construction, with the aeration tanks scheduled to be completed at a later date as Phase III.
  • Odor Control Mist Scrubbers – 3 @ 12’ diameter x 30’ H
  • FRP Odor Control Ductwork System – 10” – 72” diameter
  • Odor Control Building including VFDs, chemical storage tanks, chemical pumps, air compressor systems, odor control system controls, electrical equipment, etc.
  • Air Emission Permitting (Air Dispersion Modeling) – NYSDEC/WCDOH
  • Installation of 63,000 square feet of flat aluminum cover system
  • FRP Discharge Stack – 36” diameter
  • Variable Speed Odor Control Exhaust System (enclosed exhaust fans)

Participating Disciplines

  • Emissions Permitting
  • Mechanical
  • Air Dispersion Modeling
  • Structural
  • Odor Control Processes
  • Electrical
  • Site Development
  • Hydraulic
  • Community Involvement
  • Startup/Training
  • Construction Management

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