Architectural Capabilities at D&B

Posted on September 20, 2010

When most clients and the public hear about D&B Engineers and Architects, P.C. (D&B), they usually think of environmental engineering expertise.  The firm is highly diversified in all civil and environmental engineering fields and also for the past eight years has been performing state of the art architectural services.  Most of our architectural projects have been for the New York City School Construction Authority (SCA), where our firm enjoys great client satisfaction and is one of the preferred AE firms selected to perform tight schedule driven assignments.  As a result of this work, we have five full-time architects that have become school design and construction specialists with LEED capabilities.


But our architectural expertise is not limited to school work.  Our architects have a wealth of experience in all types of building design and their support infrastructure.

One of these recently completed projects is a groundwater treatment building designed to house sophisticated equipment to remove contaminants from groundwater through ozone injection directly into the aquifer.  The work included complete services consisting of converting a vacant site to a fully functioning facility.  D&B’s work included complete architectural designs and surveying, permitting, soil erosion and sediment control, drainage, landscaping, paving and road construction, roofing systems, doors, windows, interior finishing, tile, exterior architecture treatment, plumbing, sophisticated HVAC systems, utilities, emergency generator, and electrical instrumentation and controls.


The client requested that the structure be aesthetically pleasing and compatible with the surrounding community, which in general was mainly residential and commercial.  D&B selected a simple architectural style for the 3,600 square foot structure as shown in the photos.

Highlights of the facility include:

  • Brick and block walls with a polystyrene panel system.
  • Steel roof and deck with an asphalt membrane roofing system.
  • Groundwater treatment areas with an operating personnel office and other personnel facilities.
  • Aesthetic front entrance with overhead aluminum canopy and sunshade.
  • Rooftop heating and cooling unit with evaporator and condenser fans, induced draft blower, compressor, heat exchanger, filters and economizer with microprocessor controls.
  • Landscaping.


As a result of D&B’s efforts, the facility is operating well, blends into the neighborhood and the structure is completely compatible with the needs of the groundwater treatment system, and also provides a pleasant and efficient working environment for the operators.

For more information on D&B’s architectural capabilities, contact Joseph Marturano at (516) 364-9890, Ext. 3008 or Michael Rodriguez, AIA, LEED-AP at (914) 467-5300.