Avenue V Pump Station in Brooklyn Completed

Posted on March 25, 2015

In March, the New York Times ran an article about the completion of the renovation and upgrading of the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP) sewage pump station at Avenue V in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn. The pump station building had an $8 million face-lift intended to bring it back to its original Neoclassical style. This regal brick structure stands tall in an area comprised of high rise housing projects and two story row houses. Its soaring ornamental columns frame arched windows 15 feet high. Its eye pleasing Beaux-Arts style on architecture is accentuated by a golden eagle that shines atop the flagpole. Many local residents confuse the building as being a mausoleum, library or children’s center; this building being a sewage pumping station never entered their mind. Avenue V is the largest pump station in New York City that conveys the daily waste of over 300,000 residents to a treatment plant in Bay Ridge.

This building renovation is just part of an overall $200 million upgrade to the equipment inside the building and the piping systems that comprise the sewage infrastructure servicing the Coney Island area. The structural upgrades to the station include re-construction of a new below grade wet well, standby generator building and Con-Edison Network Protection Building. Major conveyance related equipment includes sluice and slide gates, sewage grinders, 20 MGD nominal wet pit submersible pumps, and associated 30 inch pipe and valves and 3 miles of below grade 42”/48” force main pipe through the streets of Brooklyn. Avenue V can now pump more than twice as much sewage and the discharge into Coney Island Creek is expected to fall by nearly 90%. Emily Lloyd, Commissioner of the NYCDEP commented, “This investment will go a long way toward restoring ecological health to Coney Island Creek”.

D&B is proud to have been able to supply Construction Management Services to the Avenue V Force Main Upgrade and Pump Station Renovation and Upgrade. Congratulations to Dennis Koehler, Project Manager, and Chris Koegel and Joe Fioraliso for providing their construction management skill and talent to bring this highly visible and significant project to a successful conclusion.