D&B Advises the City of Beijing on Waste Conversion Technologies – Invited to Speak at National Technology Exchange Conference

Posted on January 25, 2012

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIn 2010, D&B was subcontracted to provide waste-to-energy and waste conversion technology advisement and design services to the City of Beijing, China. The City is modernizing its solid waste management program for a 14,000 ton per day wastestream. It is investigating both combustion-based and gasification technologies for waste thermal conversion to energy. D&B’s initial assignment was to provide an independent review of gasification and combustion systems with regard to component processes, air pollution control, energy efficiency, reliability, costs, and the status of major gasification facilities throughout the world. Ted Pytlar, D&B’s Vice President in charge of the Solid Waste Group, met with City of Beijing officials in October 2010 to present his findings.

D&B was then asked to prepare a comparison of gasification and plasma gasification systems with regard to system designs, major vendors, syngas cleaning, energy conversion, air emissions, and control requirements, status of existing facilities and comparison to combustion-based waste-to-energy. Mr. Pytlar met with the City in May 2011 to discuss these topics and to make a recommendation to the City for a strategy to demonstrate and compare the efficacy of combustion and gasification.

Mr. Pytlar is returning to Beijing this April to speak on waste-to-energy at the Sino-American Technology and Engineering Conference (SATEC). SATEC brings together public officials from throughout China to hear on technology-related topics from American engineers and scientists.