D&B Awarded CAT-213OS

Posted on September 11, 2017

D&B was awarded Contract: CAT-213OS Engineering Services for Construction of a Building at the Ashokan Reservoir by NYCDEP. The project involves the construction of an 8,400-square foot building near the Ashokan Reservoir. The building will house the construction management staff during the multi-year, multi-contract reconstruction of the reservoir. After completion, the building will be used as an open storage facility for operations of the reservoir. Services include planning, design, permitting, assistance during bidding, design services during construction and other related services necessary to support construction of the facility. This dual use will require the project team to think outside the box and develop innovative ideas on how to best accommodate both needs. For the proposal, D&B developed a conceptual design (shown below). D&B proposed a curved building form, like an egg shell, so that it can both be aerodynamic and appropriately reflect the natural terrain of the site and surrounding area.