D&B Employee Revit Training

Posted on January 27, 2017

In December 2016, Mike Carroll began holding a series of Autodesk Revit software training clIMG_8329asses that will run through Spring 2017. Revit software allows designers to implement the process of Building Information Modeling (BIM) and create three dimensional models of construction projects. The group of trainees consists of 18 young, highly motivated engineers and architects who are eager to learn and help enhance D&B’s Virtual Design and Construction departments. Accordingly, D&B’s design teams have recognized the benefits of using Revit software and are looking to further its implementation on upcoming projects. Utilizing BIM and Revit allows D&B to remain on the leading edge of our industry and continue to deliver a high-quality product as part of our services. The in-house, hands-on training sessions provide valuable information and employ custom techniques which allow participants to quickly become proficient using the software. In effect, this will ensure that the BIM team is capable and prepared to face any of the design challenges within the industry. Mike has been using Revit software for the past eight years and continues to have a pulse of the BIM and Engineering community. In the upcoming months, he will coordinate and lead additional classes to solidify the foundation of D&B’s BIM design group. Congratulations team, and keep up the good work!