D&B Employee Volunteers with NGO in Tanzania

Posted on December 31, 2015

Tara JudgeTara Judge, a member of the D&B family, is currently in Moshi, Tanzania volunteering with a non-governmental organization (NGO), the Komboa Vulnerable Groups Association. She will be supporting this organization through outreach activities, which include teaching locals about organic farming, up keeping of a community garden and teaching children basic English and Mathematics. In an effort to maximize her experiences, she is also planning to initiate a charity project involving Luci lanterns, which are solar powered lamps that can be used in schools, homes and orphanages. These lanterns are easily stored and are also waterproof. Anticipated benefits from the lamps include reduced dependence on the purchase and use of kerosene and candles; increased ability of the students to study at night; and improved opportunities for parents to read or do piece work for income. The lanterns will also be donated to medical clinics and educational facilities throughout the area. Tara intends to film a video to document how the Luci lanterns will be life-changing in this area of the world, highlighting the sustainable energy and functionality of the lanterns.

Tara will be documenting her entire experience of her trip by taking pictures and videos, and will be able to share it with us upon her return. We congratulate Tara for this truly humanitarian effort.