D&B Featured in Civil Engineering Magazine

Posted on August 20, 2014

D&B Featured in Civil Engineering MagazineThe July/August edition of the American Society of Civil Engineers magazine features an article describing the restoration and rehabilitation of the Gowanus Canal in Brooklyn. The multi-year and $190 million project saw the Gowanus Canal Flushing Tunnel re-opened in May of this year. The article details the project scope which was to not only upgrade the wastewater pumping station and force main at the head of the canal but also included tunnel repairs and the installation of new flushing water pumps. While the tunnel was out of service, the article explains how a unique oxygenation system was developed to supply supersaturated oxygenated water into the canal to promote marine growth and reduce the contamination in the canal waters.

D&B Featured in Civil Engineering Magazine about the restoration and rehabilitation of the Gowanus CanalD&B Engineers and Architects of Woodbury, NY is prominently mentioned in the article as the design engineer from the start of the construction project in 2010. The article also quotes DEP Commissioner, Emily Lloyd, the upgrade to the Gowanus Flushing Tunnel “is a significant milestone in the City’s efforts to improve health and cleanliness of the Gowanus Canal”. Congratulations to the Wastewater Division’s team leaders for the Gowanus project, Dennis Koehler, Garrett Byrnes, Michele Mastrangelo, Roger Owens and Joe Baader.