D&B Holds International Lunch Day

Posted on March 11, 2015

Kevin Nastos and Kumar holding their first place mugs during the annual International Food DayOn March 6th, D&B held its annual International Food Day. The menu selections reflected a true international flavor. Many cuisines were represented: German, Chinese, American, Mexican, Italian, Indian and Irish. Our food suppliers did a wonderful job in providing tasty selections. In addition to enjoying a great lunch, all the attendees were challenged with their knowledge of the animal kingdom. They were asked to match an animal to the country of their origin. This challenge proved to be difficult and very competitive. As shown in one of the photos, Kevin Nastos and Kumar were co-winners holding their first place mugs.D&B kitchen filled with employees during the annual International Food Day

A special thank you to Pat Gillen for organizing the event. Also, to our dynamic duo, Lois and Chrissy for their work in setting up the kitchen and conference rooms allowing everyone to enjoy the day. The photos show the lunch selection and also the kitchen filling up with hungry people waiting to dig in to some delicious dishes.