D&B Provides Engineering Services to Glens Falls, New York for Upgrade of Sewage Sludge Incinerator

Posted on June 12, 2013

The City of Glens Falls utilizes a bubbling fluidized bed incinerator (FBI) to combust sewage sludge generated by its own wastewater treatment plant as well as sludge transported from off-site by private haulers. The incinerator was installed in 1986 and has been in continuous operation since, except for scheduled maintenance and repair outages. In order to meet the new air emissions limits and performance standards set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency in March 2011 in accordance with Section 129 of the Clean Air Act, the incinerator requires an upgrade. The new emission limits and standards are known as, “The Sewage Sludge Incinerator, Maximum Achievable Control Technology Rule (SSI – MACT Rule)”. This particular MACT Rule applies to both existing and new incinerator units combusting sewage sludge. The City has entered into an agreement with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation for the implementation of the upgrades. This agreement establishes milestone dates for the upgrades, completion of a Title V permit application, and for demonstrating full compliance with the SSI – MACT Rule.

D&B was retained by the City to provide professional engineering services to meet the SSI – MACT Rule by providing design services for the installation of new air preheater controls, analysis and recommendations for improvements to the existing venturi scrubber necessary to control acid gases, and a new continuous emissions monitoring system. D&B will also inspect the FBI to assess its condition and recommend any improvements required to enable it to continue to operate for an additional 5 and 10 year period.