D&B Sponsors Clean Tech Competition

Posted on August 27, 2014

Christopher Koegel, Ding Yue (Stella) Kee, Robert Raab and Kiersten Walsh at Clean Tech Competition

Christopher Koegel, Ding Yue (Stella) Kee, Robert Raab and Kiersten Walsh

D&B was a main sponsor and participant for the third annual Clean Tech Competition which was held on Long Island. This world-wide science competition is a research and design challenge for teams of pre-college youth that builds on sound understanding and addressing realworld environmental issues through the integration of science, English/language arts, mathematics, technology and the arts. The mission of the program is to inspire all students toward achievement and make them aware of the impact of science and technology on the 21st century world. The competition is designed to foster teamwork, recognize outstanding talent, and prepare the next generation to challenge themselves to be future innovators.

The topic for the 2014 competition was “Pollution”. The challenge was to develop a clean energy solution to help combat this worldwide hazard. Teams of high-school age students identified a pollution problem, conducted the necessary research to describe the cause and scope of this issue, and explain the specific impacts on health, economic, or environmental conditions of the affected community. Finally, the teams designed a solution using clean energy technology to address this pollution problem, and explained how it would help meet human needs and improve lives. Hundreds of papers were generated world-wide and submitted to the Center for Science Teaching and Learning in Rockville Center, NY, who acted as this year’s host for the
event. Each paper was reviewed by multiple local judges that were hand-selected based upon education and technical credentials. Fifteen (15) D&B employees were selected to be judges for this initial phase of the competition, each tasked with reviewing up to seven (7) student submittals. D&B’s Saif Saifuddin served as an initial judge and volunteered to work with one of the finalist teams as a mentor.

D&B’s commitment to the preservation of the environment cannot be better illustrated than through its continued support for our future scientists and engineers. The Clean Tech Competition is a strong example of the need for encouraging the youth of the world to engage science and technology to address global pollution issues that will threaten theirs and future generations. D&B would like to thank the 15 staff members that volunteered to review papers. Also acknowledged is Kiersten Walsh who served as D&B coordinator with the assistance of Christopher Koegel. Robert Raab was fortunate to be selected as one of the final judges.