D&B Wins NYCDEP Awarded Contract

Posted on February 4, 2016

Port Jervis Water Treatment Plant Upgrades - D&B Engineers and Architects, P.C.The New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP) has awarded a Construction Management contract to D&B. The contract is for Construction Management Services for the Reconstruction of the Port Jervis Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The Port Jervis Wastewater Treatment Plant was constructed in 1947 and was designed to serve a population of no more than 12,500 people, plus any flows from industrial facilities that were in existence at the time. Due to normal operational “wear and tear,” the equipment is nearing or has reached the end of its useful life. This necessitates an upgrade or replacement to ensure that the treatment process remains functional.

As part of this assignment D&B is responsible for reviewing the contract drawings from the 60% development point onward for completeness and constructability. In addition, D&B will be responsible for overseeing the execution of the Construction Contracts in accordance with Departmental Policies and Procedures.

The upgrade of the Port Jervis Wastewater Treatment Plant will proceed at four main areas of the plant in concurrent fashion. The first area of construction will focus on the Pump Building. The second area will be the Trickling Filters. The third area of construction is the Denitrification Building, and the fourth area of construction will be the Administration Building.

The D&B Project Team has a highly experienced team of sub-consultants including Haider Engineering, Aparri Engineering, STV Incorporated, JC Estimating, Inc., LPE Enterprises, CIMC Associates and Bidwell Environmental. In addition, D&B’s management team presents a level of experience and construction expertise that is simply unmatched by any of D&B’s competitors.

The anticipated term of the contract is four and a half years. Congratulations to the D&B team for winning this competitive contract!