D&B’s Commitment to Safety Resulted in Zero Workplace Injuries in 2015

Posted on January 7, 2016

D&B Engineers and Architects, P.C. (formerly Dvirka and Bartilucci) LogoWith the start of the New Year, D&B is pleased to announce that for calendar year 2015, D&B had no workplace injuries/illnesses and no workplace claims. Our OSHA Rate for the year is therefore zero. This also has a positive effect on lowering our EMR, and is indicative of our firm’s commitment to safety.

The OSHA Recordable Incident Rate is determined with a formula incorporating the number of injuries, illnesses and lost work days per 100 full time workers. The Experience Modification Rate is a term used in the American insurance business and more specifically in workers’ compensation insurance. It is the adjustment of annual premium based on previous loss experience. The lower the number, the better our performance.

Special thanks to David Zaremsky, who is our Lead Health and Safety officer, President Henry Chlupsa, our VPs, Project Managers, as well as our field and office staff’s support for this achievement and for putting safety at the forefront of our work. The effort has paid off and will further enhance our ability to conduct business in a cost-effective manner, as fewer injuries results in lower insurance rates and a lower cost to conduct business.

As 2016 progresses, please keep safety in mind, whether you work in the field, the office or a combination of both. Injuries can happen anywhere. We hope to make 2016 as successful as 2015!