NYCDDC Awards Contract to D&B

Posted on April 9, 2014

The New York City Department of Design and Construction (NYCDDC) awarded D&B a contract for Resident Engineering Inspection Services associated with the Reconstruction of the Gateway Estates Area in the Borough of Brooklyn. Gateway Estates is a 227-acre neighborhood being developed in the East New York section of Brooklyn utilizing city-owned vacant land. The proposed development is a combination of single-family homes and affordable housing units, including senior housing. The affordable housing units are single, two and three family homes and also four and six story apartment buildings. As part of providing Resident Engineering Inspection Services for this assignment, D&B is responsible for the management, coordination, administration and inspection of the work of the construction contractor for the infrastructure components of the project. Such infrastructure includes the installation of sewers, water mains, street lighting and road work. The construction budget for this project is over $21 million.

The NYCDDC awarded this contract to D&B because it recognized several key strengths possessed by the D&B Team. D&B has extensive experience working in the residential streets of New York City. Our field staff has in-depth knowledge of the City agencies, policies and procedures having worked on New York City projects for over a generation. These include numerous assignments with the NYCDEP, NYCDOT, and NYCDPR, as well as public and private utilities. Our Resident Engineer, Christopher Koegel, P.E., has extensive experience with large water main projects, as well as storm and sanitary sewer installations. Recently, Chris successfully completed a $110 million construction budget project for the NYCDEP that included the installation of large diameter combined sewer mains through residential streets in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn, approximately five miles from the Gateway Estates project. D&B’s depth with respect to local resources and our experience and familiarity with the New York City infrastructure gave the NYCDDC the confidence that D&B would be capable of responding efficiently and expeditiously to the needs of the project.

Congratulations to Vice Presidents Robert Raab, P.E., Project Executive, and John Schreck, P.E., Project Manager! If your firm/agency has an upcoming infrastructure construction project and in need of construction management/inspection services, contact John Schreck at or at (516) 364-9890, Ext. 3414.