Promotion at D&B/Guarino Engineers

Posted on January 1, 2009


Oleg Zonis

D&B affiliate, D&B/Guarino Engineers, LLC, in Trevose, PA, is pleased to announce the promotion of Oleg Zonis to Senior Associate. In addition to holding a Professional Engineer’s license in Pennsylvania, Mr. Zonis is also a Certified Sewage Treatment Plant Operator, Class “A”, in the state. Mr. Zonis obtained his M.S. in Environmental Engineering and B.S. in Civil Engineering from Drexel University.

Mr. Zonis’s professional experience includes 11 years in the area of civil and environmental engineering with special expertise in wastewater process operation and control. Since joining the firm, Mr. Zonis has been responsible for a wide range of projects related to wastewater collection, treatment, reuse, residual treatment, and disposal.

Mr. Zonis has performed various design projects, including work on the design of the sludge drying facility, compressed air system, secondary treatment system upgrades, well water treatment system and ventilation system improvements for the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority. Mr. Zonis also worked on the design of a 10,000 foot sewer reconstruction project for the City of Camden; 9,500 foot sewer rehabilitation using cured in place liner project for Abington Township Wastewater Department County Joint Municipal Authority; and 7,600 feet sewer rehabilitation using cured in place liner project for Lower Bucks County Joint Municipal Authority.

Mr. Zonis is a key team member on the Wastewater Treatment Plant Performance Improvements Projects and the General Consulting Engineering Services for the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority (CCMUA) Delaware No. 1 WPCF (80 mgd). In this capacity, Mr. Zonis has helped the CCMUA to improve performance of the plant and reduce operational cost.

Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Zonis completed five years with the Philadelphia Water Department where he was the Process Engineer for the 200 mgd Southwest WPCP.