Rockland County Awards Design Contract to D&B

Posted on August 9, 2016

Rockland County Color LogoRockland County Sewer District #1 (RCSD#1) has awarded D&B a contract for Engineering Design and Construction Administration Services for Emergency Generator and Fuel Tank Replacement. Rockland County issued an RFP to provide engineering services for design and con-struction administration for the recommendation, final design and construction of the Emergency Generator and Fuel Oil Storage Tank Replacement and Upgrade Project at RCSD#1 Pump Stations. The RCSD#1 currently operates and maintains twenty-seven pumping stations and one screening facility in Rockland County. The emergency generator is an integral part of the pump station and provides power to run the pumps during a loss of utility power. The existing emergency generators furnished and installed in twenty-one RCSD#1 pumping stations, however, have exceeded their 20 years of design useful life. The RCSD#1 has investigated the condition of these existing emergency generators and identified the obsolete generators to be replaced with new generator units at the pumping stations over the next 3 years.

No. 2 diesel oil stored in fuel tanks is utilized for emergency generator operation at RCSD #1 pump stations. Since the 1990s, thirteen existing underground fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) fuel storage tanks have been replaced, mostly with aboveground steel fuel oil tanks.

Eight remaining underground FRP fuel oil storage tanks are reaching their 30 years of service life and would need extensive annual inspection, leak detection and tightness testing in accordance with more stringent Federal, NYSDEC and Rockland County Codes and Regulations. Therefore, these existing underground FRP fuel oil storage tanks also need to be removed and replaced with aboveground steel fuel oil storage tanks to prevent leaks of petroleum and protect public health and the environment.

D&B was selected for this contract because of its outstanding record of accomplishment in delivering successfully completed pro-jects, on time and within budget, to the RCSD#1. D&B has supported the RCSD#1 staff for over 25 years with reliable and efficient services that meet and exceed the required needs. Congratulations to the D&B Team for achieving a very significant win. -db