Rooftop Fixed Ladders Study at Developments in New York City

As part of D&B’s Architectural/Engineering Design Requirements Contract for the New York City Housing Authority Office of Design, D&B conducted a study to verify that all roof-top fixed ladders were safe to use based on current OSHA standards and created a detailed inspection report specifying what is needed to correct any deficiencies. This study included 772 ladders at 100 NYCHA Developments located in Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, and Brooklyn. The ladders were tested to hold 250 pounds and the anchors had to hold up to 4 times that. Because of funding limitations with NYCHA, D&B’s six inspectors were tasked with the job of visiting each development, inspecting all ladders and preparing reports for each development in 30 days. The inspectors worked long hours, nights, and weekends to complete the work. D&B was one of three consultants tasked with this assignment and was given more ladders than the other consultants, demonstrating our ability to get the job done. With the final report and invoice due November 25th, D&B submitted to NYCHA all necessary documents including cost estimates and repair procedures and the team was able to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday! Thank you to all those involved for your hard work and dedication to complete the project within the client’s expedited schedule.