Running for Clean Water

Posted on April 28, 2016

runnersOn October 8th, Jerry Prochilo will be participating in a ½ marathon run in Prospect Park, Brooklyn. The event is sponsored by World Vision, a “Save the Children”- type organization, whose mission is to improve the lives of impoverished children in undeveloped countries. This event will be specifically to raise funds to provide clean drinking water to villages in Africa, where the people often have to walk miles to obtain water which is generally stagnant and unhealthy.

Why WaterThe overall goal of the project is to advance new wells in the villages allowing residents to obtain clean, safe water.

Jerry has sponsored children through World Vision on previous occasions. However, this is his first attempt at being an active event participant. Jerry hasn’t attempted to participate in a running event like this in over thirty years. He has two very modest goals. Raise as much money as possible for this very worthwhile cause and also to cross the finish line under his own power.

If you are interested in contributing to Jerry’s fund raising efforts, contact him at