Sunken Meadow State Park - Proposed Design for Toll Booths

Construction Administration/Management

In addition to high quality design, construction administration is vitally important to the ultimate success of a project. Without proper construction controls, even excellent designs can go awry and the potential for financial loss and other damages can easily multiply if unchecked.

Proper execution of the intent of the construction plans is critical. D&B’s longstanding construction management background includes contractor oversight, permit management, schedule and cost management, etc., resulting in superior project control. Since D&B personnel possess strong backgrounds in construction administration and management, we typically are involved in projects from the initial planning phase through completion of the construction effort.

Construction Administration/Management Project Profiles:

Carleton Manor (CDBG-DR) Construction Management as Agent Services for the Sandy Recovery Program at Carleton Manor, Hammel and Redfern Houses

NYCHA Hammel Houses

NYCHA Redfern Houses