Sunken Meadow State Park - Proposed Design for Toll Booths

Exterior Envelope Restoration

The building envelope is one of the most critical components of the built environment. It represents the physical separator between the conditioned interior and unconditioned exterior environment of a building. It must resist air, water, heat, light, and noise transfer while simultaneously creating comfort and safety from fire, flood and overall security.

D&B has extensive experience with all types of exterior envelope design and rehabilitation. D&B has rehabilitated thousands of feet of building terra cotta using highly specialized castings and has extensive experience preserving the historical quality and aesthetics of many unique buildings, some over 100 years of age.

Exterior Envelope Restoration Project Profiles:

Exterior Masonry/Paved Areas/Flood Elimination

Exterior Masonry – New York City School Construction Authority

Roofs, Exterior Masonry, Flood Elimination