New York City Department of Environmental Protection - Reconstruction of the Gilboa Dam

CPM Scheduling

Adherence to a project’s schedule directly impacts all project areas including safety, quality, project management, budget, and risk. D&B’s services involve a fully committed team able to achieve all necessary aspects of project scheduling through utilization of a Critical Path Method (CPM) scheduling module, a management tool that provides a detailed, thorough, and accurate schedule throughout the entire construction project. This module allows for monthly project reporting on:

  • Overall project progress.
  • Critical activities that could potentially significantly delay completion of the project.
  • Detailed schedules that encompass tracking of critical project issues and the related cost and schedule metrics.

We implement the CPM scheduling by utilizing Oracle Primavera P6 version 7.0. Our expert schedulers have the formal training, knowledge and understanding of the potential of this software to generate graphics and tabular reports.

Our project schedule is developed based on the activity durations and sequence, which provide an estimated overall project duration. This duration is merely an estimate based on research and experience. Changes in project duration are common and typically expected.

When using CPM project scheduling, D&B estimates the resources required for each activity, the duration of each activity, and which activities can occur concurrently.

Through CPM project scheduling, our team can recognize which activities are considered critical and cannot be delayed without delaying the entire project. D&B closely monitors and controls progress by comparing actual completed activity durations to the estimated activity durations, and adjustments are made to the project schedule accordingly. D&B involves all key stakeholders in such schedule changes, driving the project forward with a proactive and collaborative approach, and making cost-effective decisions regarding project schedule management throughout project execution.