New York City Department of Environmental Protection - Reconstruction of the Gilboa Dam

Health and Safety Compliance

Everyone involved in a project shares responsibility for safety.

D&B’s Corporate Health and Safety Plan (HASP) provides rules and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to enable personnel to safely and competently perform field-related duties. HASP was developed to comply with all applicable regulations and guidelines of OSHA CFR 1910 and 1926; United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA); and United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

The D&B Health and Safety (H&S) Team possesses the certifications and specialized training which allows staff to proactively identify and react to potentially unsafe operations and conditions. Each CM project has at least one designated, qualified and trained H&S professional or Site Safety Officer (SSO), who monitors progress, examines the means and methods being employed in the construction, properly communicates with the CM staff, and notifies the client’s safety personnel should an emergency situation develop, or if an incident is deemed potentially unsafe or hazardous.

D&B’s field programs are also covered by a Site-Specific HASP, which details critical site and project-specific information to ensure worker safety at project sites. All our CM personnel have been trained to realize that:

  • Contractors do not have the right to continue if high safety hazard work exists without a Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) or HASP.
  • The entire CM staff is responsible for safety and should receive instruction from our safety professionals as needed.
  • The D&B Team must adhere to the strict attitudes and culture that address safety procedures.
  • All staff must be competent, committed and fully cognizant of risks.

Our Health and Safety (H&S) goals minimize the risk of human and economic loss and provide for the safest possible work environment.

Health and Safety Compliance Contact:

David Zeremsky
(914) 467-5300, ext. 32

Health and Safety Compliance Project Profiles:

Metropolitan Transportation Authority, Construction Administration and Inspection Services, Superstorm Sandy Rehabilitation, Queens Midtown Tunnel