New York City Department of Environmental Protection - Reconstruction of the Gilboa Dam

Project Reporting

Project reporting is critical to all Construction Management projects, keeping engineers, managers and CM program stakeholders aware of the current status throughout a project’s lifecycle. Proper project reporting is also essential to ensure early identification of potential problems, thereby facilitating development of solutions in order to limit possible adverse impacts.

Tablet PC Project Reporting Initiative

D&B’s innovative Tablet PC Project Reporting Initiative applies mobile computing to field projects to yield comprehensive, user-friendly and uniform inspection reports on an instantaneous basis. These reports include pertinent project details and photographs in a single transmissible file, increasing project efficiencies, minimizing overhead, and streamlining administrative efforts and costs. We have also witnessed the additional benefit of reduced conflict resolution times on projects, minimizing potential scheduling delays.

D&B intends to continue to lead the way as the industry transitions from desk-bound computing to a more mobile-based operational structure.

Project Reporting Contact:

Robert L. Raab, P.E., BCEE, CCM
(516) 364-9890, ext. 3037