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Brownfields Investigation and Remediation

D&B has long been on the cutting edge of Brownfield Site Management in New York State. Since 1998, D&B has completed over 30 Brownfield-related projects in the state, and has been actively involved in the evolution of New York’s Brownfield Cleanup Program (BCP) since its inception in 2003. When developing a Brownfield remedial strategy, D&B works closely with clients, and often with the community and key stakeholders, to obtain overall consensus regarding the proposed site remedy.

Brownfield Guidance Manual

D&B was selected by the NYSDEC to prepare a guidance manual (“Brownfields – Transform the Past/Build for the Future – a Financial Resources Manual”) to assist New York State municipalities in securing grants and loans to finance Brownfield projects.


In addition to having in-depth experience with federal and state Brownfield programs, the New York City Office of Environmental Remediation (OER) considers D&B a Qualified Vendor to provide environmental consulting services under the City’s own Brownfield program, referred to as the NYC Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP).

Remedial Strategy and Technology Selection

When developing a remedial strategy for a Brownfield project, D&B works closely with our client, and in many cases the community and key stakeholders, to obtain overall consensus with regard to the proposed site remedy. We will take into consideration many factors such as the proposed end use of the property, the potential impacts to human health and the environment related to the associated contamination, regulatory acceptance and community acceptance. Another important component in the selection of specific remedial technologies for a Brownfield site is considering overall energy efficiency and sustainability of the proposed remedy, including the evaluation of:

  • Waste Generation: The management of waste associated with the site and the implementation of any waste reduction projects.
  • Energy usage: Electrical usage for operation of remedial systems such as site lighting, security systems, etc.
  • Emissions: Vapor-phase remedial system emissions, fuel usage for transportation to and from the site for inspections and/or sampling, operation of gas-powered generators, etc.
  • Water usage: Identifying sources of decontamination water, irrigation water, etc.

Outreach Programs

D&B has assisted clients with public participation activities required as part of both state and federally funded Brownfield programs, including:

  • Drafting of fact sheets for public use
  • Attendance and participation in public information meetings
  • Meeting with public advisory groups and key stakeholders, elected officials and other governmental personnel.

Brownfield Opportunity Areas

D&B has supported municipalities in obtaining Brownfield Opportunity Areas (BOAs) grant money under this New York State Department of State (NYSDOS) program. The BOA Program provides resources to address redevelopment planning, access to expert environmental and economic analysis, and environmental site assessment services for selected areas of a municipality.

Brownfields Investigation and Remediation Contact:

Thomas P. Fox, P.G.
(516) 364-9890, ext. 3068

Brownfields Investigation and Remediation Project Profiles:

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