Waste Minimization/Pollution Prevention

D&B has developed effective waste reduction/pollution prevention solutions for decades in numerous industries:

  • Semiconductors
  • Commuter railroads
  • Aerospace
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics manufacturing
  • Electro-optical process operations
  • S. department of energy facilities

The D&B Process

D&B’s audit teams methodically evaluate process operations to identify cost-effective waste reduction opportunities including evaluation of administrative controls such as training. We optimize chemical inventory and management techniques through process optimization and modification, chemical substitution, and chemical reprocessing technology evaluations. The audits and resulting waste reduction evaluations culminate in the development of both draft and final hazardous waste reduction plans.

Each facility plan presents a menu of waste reduction projects and associated implementation schedules, along with cost estimates and an estrimated percentage of projected waste reduction through an established design year. D&B clients of all sizes have realized significant cost savings as a result of the implementation of waste reduction projects.


Waste Reduction Audits

  • Pre-Audit Information Review
  • Audit
  • Post-Audit Follow-up

Waste Characterization/Classification

  • Review of Process Operations
  • Identification of Chemical Utilization
  • Identification of Point of Generation

Waste Reduction Opportunity Assessments

  • Identification of Feasible Recycling/Reclamation Alternatives
  • Life Cycle Cost Analyses
  • Return on Investment Calculations

Waste-to-Production Index

  • Identification of Principal Products/Process Areas
  • Correlation of Production to Waste Generation

Federal/State/Corporate Reporting

  • Hazardous Waste Reduction Plans
  • Annual Status Reports/Biennial Updates
  • Internal Corporate Reports

Program Design/Organization/Implementation

  • Development of Waste Reduction Objectives
  • Identification of Waste Reduction Projects
  • Tracking/Monitoring Project Development and Implementation

Training Programs

  • Self Audit/Assessment Training
  • Promotional Materials
  • Employee Incentive Programs
Waste Minimization/Pollution Prevention Contact:

Brian M. Veith, P.E.
(516) 364-9890, ext. 3009

Richard M. Walka
(516) 364-9890, ext. 3306

Waste Minimization/Pollution Prevention Project Profiles:

Hoffmann – La Roche, Incorporated

International Business Machines Corporation East Fishkill and Poughkeepsie Facilities