Brookhaven Materials Recovery Facility – Building Expansion and Process System Improvements

Anaerobic Digestion

D&B’s organic waste management projects involve anaerobic digestion (AD), aerobic digestion, composting, biogas-to-power, thickening, dewatering, incineration, co-incineration, chemical stabilization, drying and composting. Our organics management experience includes designs for the recovery and processing of food and other organic wastes from mixed refuse and green waste via anaerobic digestion and composting. D&B’s anaerobic digestion projects include wet and dry digestion of biosolids, food processing and residential organics.

D&B is thoroughly familiar with AD technologies including high and low solids, continually mixed, plug flow, static pile, mixed, single stage and dual stage. Our familiarity includes the digestion of biosolids, FOG and organic portions of municipal solid waste (MSW). In the area of digestion of organics, we have direct experience with MSW pre-processing to recover organics and also with collection and pre-processing of source separated organics (SSO). Our knowledge of AD systems for co-digestion of SSO, biosolids and FOG includes both project development and facilities design.

Anaerobic Digestion Contact:

Scott Mills
(516) 364-9890, ext. 3053

Theodore S. Pytlar, Jr.
(908) 668-4747

Anaerobic Digestion Project Profiles:

Nassau County Department of Public Works, Cleaning, Repair and Addition of Digesters and Storage Tanks

Rockland County Sewer District, Energy Studies and Cogeneration Conversion Strategic Partner with Siemens Industry, Inc. to Implement an Energy Performance Contract

Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority, Combined Heat and Power Facility