Brookhaven Materials Recovery Facility – Building Expansion and Process System Improvements

Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs)


In 1983, D&B established its place as a leader in the area of MRFs by originating the concept of integrated solid waste management, and by demonstrating the importance of MRFs to the overall success of integrated solid waste management systems.

D&B has remained in the forefront of MRF development and improvements through client services in design, competitive procurement, performance evaluations, process redesign and expansions, and cost-effectiveness programs. We have developed, designed and conducted performance audits for MRFs handling MSW, source separated recyclables, co-processing of source separated recyclables and MSW, source separated organics and C&D waste.

D&B Innovations:

  • Introduction of key design and performance features: Efficient materials handling, physical separation of tipping and processing areas, durable process systems, adequate tipping and product storage space, sorting enclosures for workers, and storage cages for sorted materials with automatic discharge to baler feed conveyors
  • Use of competitive privatization to provide benefits to public sector MRF owners from MRF operations contractors
  • Protection from negative market pricing risks
  • Guaranteed marketing of recovered materials
  • Long-term marketing agreements with floor prices
  • Merchant recyclables delivery and revenue sharing guarantees
  • Increasing the number of individual recyclable materials recovered at no additional cost

D&B’s continuous involvement in MRF developments, expansions and procurements of operations contractor procurements has allowed its clients to benefit immediately from advances in the industry. This has enabled clients to lower operations contractor fees by nearly 50%, while simultaneously gaining improved contractual performance and having access to the latest equipment performance and process systems design information.

Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) Contact:

Scott Mills
(516) 364-9890, ext. 3053

Theodore S. Pytlar, Jr.
(908) 668-4747

Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) Project Profiles:

Infinitus Energy, Municipal Solid Waste Materials Recovery Facility (MSW-MRF)

Town of Brookhaven, New York., Materials Recovery Facility